About Us


“A writer must write what he has to say, not speak it.”

Here in the centrefold of the Journalism Society, our voices are loud, even if we are not always shouting. We occupy a subtle place in the heart of UCC where we can influence many people, change opinions and teach new ways of thinking, often without anyone realising it. We are radio and print and video; we are every degree programme and every kind of student.

The Journalism Society was set up in 2005 to help students gain an appreciation for working within the Media. We have organised practical workshops, work placements, job shadowing, lectures, and aid students in getting involved with the campus media outlets (the quality of which can be seen at

The Journalism Society was New Society of the Year 2007 in UCC and came second nationally in the BICS Awards (National Society Awards) 2007. We have had an incredibly successful beginning and plan to continue helping students to have their voices heard. The society’s flagship event is the Annual Journalism Conference.

Visit our website www.uccjournalismsociety.org or e-mail us for more information: journalism@uccsocities.ie.

We look forward to hearing YOUR voice.